Additional Rug Services

Fringe Cleaning

The fringes of many rugs need special attention to get them clean. At Skrub-A-Rug we have a process that brightens dirty fringes. We also have a procedure that can remove colour migration usually caused by excess water.


Rug Protection



Like carpets and fabrics, a protective finish can be applied to your rug to prolong its life. Skrub-A-Rug can offer a protective barrier to prevent soiling and minimize usually disastrous stains.   Skrub-A-Rug are authorised applicators of MicroSeal Permanent Fabric Protection.  MicroSeal is recognised as the worlds best. 

Please visit for more information. 


Pet Odour / Urine Treatment

A rug can be affected by dog odour which is different to urine odour.  Skrub-A-Rug has a treatment to eliminate the odour.

Pet urine odour can become a major issue in the comfort of your home. Many rugs can be treated to neutralise urine odour.

You may not have to throw away your favourite rug.


Pest Control

 Rugs can be treated to distract unwanted pests such as fleas, moths and silverfish.


Storage Bags

Often people will store a rug white they build or renovate. We can supply pest controlled storage bags to protect your rug against moths, sliver-fish etc while it is rolled and stored for a lengthy period.


Non Slip Underlay

Rugs placed on hard floor surfaces such as timber floor boards and tiles have a tendency to slip especially in high traffic areas.  Non slip underlay can eliminate this problem delivering a safe environment in your home or workplace.  It also prevents scratching to timber floor finishes.

We recommend the Teebaud Non Skid rug underlay which can be used on hard floors and carpet.