The Process

As an experienced carpet cleaner I know that just vacuuming and steam cleaning a rug does not offer the best result.  All rugs have to be thoroughly dusted before contemplating a cleaning process.  The rug type determines the cleaning process used at Skrub-A-Rug, with many rugs being completely submerged in water and selected detergents.  Whatever the process used, all detergents are rinsed out of the rug leaving no residue behind.

Scrub-A-Rug has a controlled drying room to enable quick drying which is essential for many rug types.

Step 1

The rug is dusted with the "Rug Badger" on a chain mesh base to remove solid materials.


Step 2

The chain mesh is rolled away to reveal solid material removed by the "Rug Badger". This is then disposed of.


Step 3

The rug is then vacuumed with a power head for final dusting and hair removal.


Step 4

The rug is then washed with selected detergents.


Step 5

The rug is then rinsed and extracted in the centrifugal ringer.


Step 6

The final drying process involves the rugs being suspended to dry in a controlled environment.

process photo dusting.JPG
process dusted.JPG
Rug washing process.JPG
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rug washing drying.JPG